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Process Design

There are many types of design and one of my favorites is process design.  This is akin to engineering and since I'm not an engineer, I would have to work with engineers to do this.

I have had experience working with world class engineers, and my eldest brother who is also an engineer.  These are a few designs that I have thought of and am surprised that no one is doing these things, yet.  Though I can see that set up cost for very large scale projects is often a deciding factor.  

For Google, the set up cost has already been payed and the assets are already in place.  Adopting these would not only be easy, it would be a waste to not adopt them.

Revenue Biosphere

There are actually three different games that I would like to play with AlphaGo and each one of them is structured slightly differently.  This is the big one, the one with the biggest "bang for the buck". 


Just last week, I took a look (for the first time) at how much money this game should make and I came up with between 50 and 100 Billion a year as a starting estimate.  This number comes from two of the many audience pools that the game would tap into, Lottery players and Bingo players.  This number does not include the many AlphaGo fans or the billion or so Google Play users which could easily double that prediction.


When I thought of this game, I had originally come up with two different names for it and I would like your input on which name you think suites it best.  AlphaGoBingoGo or FindingGoDot.

I suppose it could be both and different age groups might have a preference as to which name suites them better.  For sure if reaching for the Bingo group, AlphaGoBingoGo is better.  But when reaching to find the person or people who will be able to beat AlphaGo I think that FindingGoDot could be a better name or concept.  These could be people who might not even know how to play Bingo or Go, but will have the chance to learn AlphaGo's pattern of play in an AlphaZero type of context.

The main event games should happen once or twice a week on game night.   Like lottery and Bingo people will pay to play the event game and have a chance to win some part of the nights pot.  Each event night will have a guaranteed winner, or maybe ten winners.  So people will actually be getting payed to play. 


If the winners are playing on their Google devices they will also be primed to get a bonus amount for showing off their real time reactions with sound or video.

This game will be better than Lottery and Bingo because the players will have the ability to improve their chances of winning.  Players will have the chance to practice by playing against AlphaGo or AlphaZero (for free) in non-event games, and one of the beauties of this is that those games have already been made by DeepMind.  They are simply numbers sitting in storage. 

Another great thing about this game is it would be paying people to play Go!  Many more than are currently getting payed to play, and in a much more public way.  This would be a huge boon to the game of Go.  And relationships with China.


Carbon Freezing

Carbon freezing is so simple, to describe it with one word it is "reduction".  I was happy to see that Google is making a Geothermal Power plant in Nevada.  A few years ago, while investigating industrial growth of algae, I visited a friend in Hawaii who runs an oyster hatchery,   He grows algae to feed to the oysters.  So I asked him about it and one of the things that he said was "the best place to grow algae is in the dessert". 

Do they grow it on the Space station? 

Are you ready to create the age of carbon fiber?


VR SpeakEasy Musical Concert series

Available for all Google interfaces, highly customizable. 5D space and sound capture.


What other questions are there?

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