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Santa Rosa, Ca. will always be my home town.  It is also the home town of Snoopy and the Peanuts gang.  Culture and language have been a great interests for me since I was about 6 years old, when my family had an exchange student come and stay with us from China.

One thing that makes me a bit different is that I grew up learning English and Hawaiian pidgin English, but I started to study writing Chinese before studying English.  My home preschool teacher, Yu Ning Ping, that same exchange student, went on to be the director of languages at Yale University.

My Story

 I have tons of stories from my travels and wild experiences.  You have heard of neuro-divergent, well I'm neuro-try-vergent.  I never really thought of myself as a savant, until a people tester told me that I was top 100 percentile for abstract reasoning.  The tester guy said that he double checked to be sure and that I had the fastest time with a perfect score.  Before that I pretty much accepted being an idiot. 


I started to use Gmail around 2008 and YouTube around 2010.  If I classify myself as a Google user, I am an extra ordinary wide spectrum user.  This makes me a good UX person, which is what my friends on LinkedIn seem to think is my strong area.

My personal favorite hero and mentor was Earl Bakken,  In his book "One Mans Full Life" he recommends "high tech and high touch".  I am reminded of this when reading and watching the video from the Google LinkedIn post about veterans and Reflex AI.  I recommend adding self massage to the program, like the New-matic Pneumatic 5 Point Being Technique (NP5.BT) that I came up with.  It has helped me personally with rehabilitation after a hip replacement and neck vertebrae replacement.  Of course a full body massage once a week would be the best, but who can afford that?  Not me, yet.

Lately I have been thinking that I should try my hand at book writing and have been writing a lot.  I really enjoy writing and have a natural flow, where I get into a groove, but have not finished any of the books that have been forming a library in my head.  Reiterating is good practice, and I'm at the point where I feel the need for feedback from some other people, but can not afford to hire an editor or proof reader.

I was actually going to put the NP5.BT exercise in a "How to be Smarter than Your Toaster" book that has been forming in my head since about 2020, but realized that I was trying to put to much into one book.  Since I still wanted to share it I made a video, and could still write a book just on that subject.

The meaty part of "How to be Smarter than Your Toaster" is 4 different ways to beat the AI (AlphaGo) at the game of Go.  But, I think that the overall flavor or overarching theme that I wanted to address was how to fix delusion.

How will people evolve?  How will we transition to an ever changing landscape with AI?  We have to keep moving, we have to try.

I'm excited at the prospect of working with and improving relations China!  Back in 2016, I was considering moving there.  My great grandfather in Hawaii was a friend of Sun Yat-sen and he moved back to China to help him.  I also think that a new Google data center in Hawaii would be great!


The best way to get in touch with me, at first, is probably email, since I am usually not near the phone.

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