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Product designer, game designer, research designer, UX designer, Concept artist, Storyboard artist, writer, Maya generalist, somatic awareness instructor, master of abstract reasoning,
word nerd

Richard Lee

Game design

Storyboarding Gallery

design concepts, storyboarding, entertainment

When I started to study art in the early 1990's I really didn't have much to say.  Now after years of travel and exploring, I would love to share what I have gathered.

Senior Concept Artist

I decided to make a quick demo using Google Slides.  This is sort of a storyboard/how I done it.  I'm still a bit new to Slides.   Click or use middle mouse wheel to change pages .  (navigation is a bit buggy on the video pages, will try to fix later)

I love sharks and fractals


Sharks are my families ʻaumakua.  This image, that I made, links to a short video using the same model. I modeled, textured, rigged, animated (in Maya), and composited (in After Effects) the video "Space Shark!"   Background in this image is also one of my fractals (I came up with my own method of making multisystem vector geometry based fractals by hacking the smooth function in Maya).  Xoc is the Mayan word for both for counting and shark.

Links to demo videos


scale map and model


4D surveyed ray cloud capture for 6D BIM


New-matic Pneumatic 5 Point Being Technique

for personal sensory human hyperthreading and improving circulation


Water and Heart Story Board


Hyper-dimensional Go 圍棋 Game/Platform 

This is my pirate/arbitrator

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